How To Become a Bet9ja Agent in Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun and MORE

If you are on the verge of knowing the top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria, Bet9ja is not left out. It is a multi-million Naira venture with high networth that has favoured a wide number of individuals and business men from different parts of the country.

You can also be part of this by just becoming a Bet9ja Agent.

Since anyone can place a bet to loose or win tot certain teams and leagues, what it you’re not just a player, but a confirm owner of a betting agency. Have a look at the requirement and things needed to be in place before you begin

There are a whole of betting agencies in the nation, of which they share similar purpose, which is to make more money, yet, Bet9ja is the most popular of them all, among Nigerians.

The secret you might want to know, isn’t it? It is just due to Bet9ja’s fantastic system that make more money to be made by people.

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It has data service protection, meaning, there is a certificated encryption that can fully protect you and your users from any hacker attack.

Therefore, your client and you, both win, since he now knows that you are an agent of the biggest betting Company in Nigeria.

As a Bet9ja player, your money can be withdrawn easily in just a twinkling of an eye. Likewise, I’d it convenient and swift for Agent as well, their payment— ultra fast too.

How To Become a Bet9ja Agent in Ibadan

With varieties of method of payment. You have no limits as a Bet9ja agent, clients choose any method that helps oils his habits.


Do you want to become a Bet9ja agent? Then, you must need all these things:

  • Your submitted documents at the firm will need verification
  • After all is settled, you will wait for registration approval
  • A personal conversation with the staff and the administration will needed
  • Provided you are approved, a contract will be bridged between you and Bet9ja
  • The specialist will help prepare a Bet9ja outlet
  • Your business starts straight up!

The Specialist of Bet9ja got a lot of questions to ask, so you ought to be prepared. His questions are just based on the business model. In order to stay in the business, Bet9ja partners should follow these next requirements:

  • A friendly atmosphere is needed
  • A proper study of Bet9ja business structure
  • Love for sport
  • Create a modern and comfortable we betting outlet
  • Have interest in the agency’s success
  • Motivate yourself and be hardworking
  • Inspire your staff for development

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As a Bet9ja  agent, you need to know somethings in order to set up a successful business. If you want to run successful business with Bet9ja, you ought to follow these additional requirements:

  • At least eight cashiers must be on ground to serve clients
  • It is 50% of your success if you selected a densely populated area close to other Bet9ja outlets. Be wise in your choice.
  • Have modern equipments for your Bet9ja business, which includes: computers, laptops, TV screens standard wires etc.
  • An important factor is Internet, make sure you go for a good network provider. Select wisely.
  • In order to promote your brand, eight computers, at least, are needed.

How To Become a Bet9ja Agent

Benefits as a Bet9ja Agent

Bet9ja is a very lucrative business that can connect thousands of customers to your doorstep, even without promotion or advertisement. The brand has done that for you.

Being a Bet9ja sport betting agent is a very promising venture. Here are the benefits you set to enjoy:

  • For necessary strategies needed as advantages in business, Bet9ja will give you the necessary support and adequate training.
  • You will get the basic management functions of betting business in the course of your training.
  • You will get the commission money based on the turnover.
  • How about the great bonuses for business owners who also want to play with Bet9ja? Do not forget this!
  • The constant development of all Bet9ja outlets for all owners of outlets. You can participate in up to 12,000 events, yearly.
  • To start a full business with Bet9ja, you ought to have within #400,000-#700,000. However, starting with a lesser amount is not bad, for a strong take and successful beginning, it is necessary to have at least #500,000.
  • Get a terminal printer when you pay a sign-ups fee within #50,000-#80,000.
  • Banners, promotional materials etc. will be given to you by Bet9ja for your outlet.

As stated above, you are more in partnership kind of business as a Bet9ja sport betting agent, where you make money from the company and Bet9ja gives a structural- commission on profit.

The commission-based payment structure of Bet9ja is outlined bellow:

It is worthy to note that this is only on commission for sport betting games’  bet placements or selections. Ranking is from top to bottom.

  • 20% Commission (highest obtainable): on 26 to 40 betting selections
  • 18% Commission: on 21 to 25 selections
  • 16% Commission: on 14 to 20 selections
  • 14% Commission: on 11/12/13 selections
  • 12% Commission: on 9/10 selections
  • 9% Commission: on 6/7/8 selections
  • 5% Commission: on 3 selections
  • 2% Commission: on 2 selections
  • 1% Commission (lowest): on 1 selection

When broken down or analyzed, these commissions could lead to millions of Naira (or less). Importantly, your net profit is based on the total value of revenue generated from your bet shop.

Asides these, which us exclusive to sport betting games, other structures offered by this betting company exists. One of which is offered by Bet9ja, is for racing games, also known as Virtual betting.

The commissions are in the range of 90% for stake (highest commission) to 3% per stake (lowest commission).

How to Become a Bet9ja Virtual Agent

  • Register; fill out the registration form
  • Submit the form
  • Rent or own a business centre
  • Submit all important documents (as requested) to the designated Bet9ja staff in your area.
  • Upon submission, your document and location would be reviewed
  • If you pass the documentation stage, a representative of Bet9ja would reach out and engage you in what is known as “introductory conversation.”

Football is the world’s most popular and most watched sport on Earth, even the most played. Therefore, your target audience are waiting (in there multitudes) for you, begin your Bet9ja outlet now and always have a smile on your face and in your pocket.

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