How to Change Password on 1XBet via SMS or Email

In case you want to learn how to reset your 1XBet passoword, we’re happy to tell you that there are two methods:

  • Email
  • SMS

How to Change Password on 1XBet 

Either using SMS or email feature will work for you. Even better, both options are simple, quick and secure to use too.

Here is a simple way to get your account back via SMS or Email.

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  • How to Reset 1xBet Password through Еmаil

Reset Password to 1xBet User Account by Еmаil

First, visit their website

Next, choose “login” at the top right corner of the home page.

And then go ahead to click on “forgotten your Password” below the field that asks you to enter your User ID and Password.

You will then be provided the option to recover by phone number or email.

Now, INPUT your recovery email address and a default password will be mailed to you.

How to Change Password on 1XBet

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  • How to Reset 1xBet Account via Phone number or SMS

To reset your 1xBet password by text, you shoud either

Send “RESET” to “29021” without the “” signs. Or

You can go to their website and pick the SMS recovery option.

Your new password will be sent to you shortly after completing this process.

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