How to Check Winning Ticket on Bet9ja In 5 Steps!

After placing bets on, the next thing that would be on your mind is to check live score to monitor the activities of the game to know which team won or lost the game.

Many punters are opportuned to watch the game live after staking their bets, especially leagues that are popular such as premier league, champions league, Serial A etc.

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But there are some games from other countries leagues which you may have selected on your betting slip but may not be opportune to watch the game live since the Cable TV Provider will not show it.

How to Check Winning Ticket on Bet9ja

As a result of this, punters tends to monitor the game via livescore website but still most leagues may not be on live score.

If such happens, then you have no other option than to check your betting slip to see if you have won or loss the game.

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How to Check Winning Ticket on Bet9ja In 5 Steps!

To see if you win or lose, check online or in any of the Bet9ja outlets closest to you.

  • After placing your bet, you’ll notice an alpha-numeric code of this nature “B911CQTQCETCP-1345174”. This is called a Betslip ID. …
  • On the Main Menu, navigate to “coupon” and click.
  • Insert the Betslip ID you copied, pasting or filling it.
  • Click “CHECK”
  • Gbagaun! Your Betslip is displayed

There is no need to register the website if you want to book your bet. It is quick and easy to do online and then to complete at the store:

  • Visit the official Bet9ja site at and don’t get into your personal account if you have one.
  • Stay logged out and place your bet by choosing the number you like and pressing on ‘Bet’ option.
  • You have two options: email yourself your booked bet or print it to check it later on.
  • Go to the Bet9ja shop and show your booked bet on a mobile device or paper.
  • The cashier will place your bet after you pay for it; you will also be payed if you win.

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