How To Delete my Bet9ja Account Permanently

It is an uneasy task if you wish to delete your Bet9ja account, because it has quite a number of processes; but worry not! We are here to take you through.

Playing and winning football games could be an easy tax’s sometimes, placing bet for a win might not hit the expected terminal too.

In this, one becomes frustrated, seeming like the clouds will fall over your head; having lost almost all your hard-earned money on betting on Bet9ja football games, most especially the Bet9ja Virtual soccer league.

Therefore, your account becomes less significant, deleting with immediate alacrity, good to be considered as solution. With Bet9ja, there are no demerits of deleting it permanently.

How To Delete my Bet9ja Account Permanently

Bet9ja is a free place, just ad you freely open the account you can as well delete it, freely with no fee attached. Just that it is not fast and simple as to when you want to open an account.

How To Delete Through E-MAIL

  • Open the email used in the website when you registered
  • Compost a mail and sent to [email protected]
  • Type a “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” on subject type
  • Compose a mail telling your honest reason towards deleting your account

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It is no longer the talk of the Town that Bet9ja is the first online betting website in Nigeria. Users on this game betting App, demonstrate high intent based on the services; both online and offline.

And based on research, majority of people who delete their Bet9ja accounts are students, undergraduates and unemployed youths and to a large extent those retired government workers or better still, civil servants, whose gratuity and pension are yet to be paid.

Therefore, when a user decides to take down his/her account, the entity of his information (such as name, phone number, address, email, profile picture, date of birth and other paramount document or details etc ) are removed.

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How To Permanently Remove your Betting Account

Please note that once you decide to delete your account; it will be brought down shortly after the command us given. All vital information about your account (name, phone number, E-mail etc.) will he removed forever and can not be retrieved. This can be done from your personal settings:

  • Navigate your way to , official website
  • Click on the SIGN IN button
  • Log in with your E-mail and password
  • Head on to your profile and click on “CONTACT US LINK”
  • You will be directed to a message box, then enter the topic “Delete My Account.”
  • Express the reason (s) for this; you can only express yourself by using the available comment box

Then, you will receive a mail from the website, if you don’t get this within 24hours, kindly check your spam folder. Bet9ja is an online platform for gambling that allows us registered users to bet on sports or Casino games and earn cash from it.

The online application provides an option to create or edit account information, withdrawals or deposit cash in your account with any of the banking options; browse through bet online games in which users are betting games, check the live games that are playing right now and bet on them or play Casino games.

After a thorough research, after series of request from users, it is known to us that some users do not make money as they planned, hence, deactivation of Bet9ja betting account; their solution.

It is either you mark their mail as spam while opening your mail or just unsubscribe from their newsletter by unsubscribing at the button at the bottom of the mail received.

I will advice you make use of the step-by-step method on how to delete a Bet9ja account if you have a different reasons asides these.

 How To Delete my Bet9ja Account

Benefits of Bet9ja

  • 100% welcome bonus for new members
  • With the best odds given to users, this makes the betting company one of the best due to its Bonus.
  • The company pays her users shortly after a successful bet; it gives fast and swift service to her users.
  • There are a range of banking options to make your payment, which includes MasterCard, Verve, and even PayPal account.
  • Replaced with long wait for bank alert, you have thousands of Bet9ja offices around in Nigeria, where you can cash-out your hand-earned money.

How Much is The Maximum Payout on Bet9ja?

Sometimes, this prompt users and boost their punting spirit because they always day-dream about huge winnings, which is Bet9ja Maximum Payout.

Users go overboard in trying to wreck Bet9ja Company by aiming to win the jackpot. With Bet9ja Maximum winning, you tend to know how much you can stake and win as maximum payout if you want to turn your money with high odd matches.

This is to say, if you want to play Bet9ja online, games, your selections and stakes should not exceed Bet9ja Maximum winning.

In fact, by default, you won’t exceed it because immediately you make your selections and stake your amount, if it exceeds Bet9ja Maximum Payout, it will not be displayed for you to place your bet until you reduce your selections and stakes.

Bet9ja Maximum winning is 50 Million Naira (#50,000,000). This is what they have made provision for want if anyone eventually win that with one bet slip, you will be paid 50 Million.

That is an idea of the maximum payout. Hence, when making selections take not of it because no matter how many odds you got, you can not exceed it, you may have to reduce it to enable you place a bet successfully, except the maximum payout is increased in the future.


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