How to Fund Bet9ja Account with FCMB USSD Code

Have you been yearning to learn how to fund Bet9ja account with FCMB USSD Code? What if I told you that it is possible to use payment method to deposit into your Bet account?

Would you believe me? Well, let’s find out how then!

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How to Fund Bet9ja Account with FCMB USSD Code

Using this method is 100% free of charges. That means that you don’t pay extra.

With this payment method, there is no deposit fee.

Once your transaction is authorized by the bank, You’re credited immediately.

There is no fee for deposits with this payment method.

  • Head over to any FCMB Branch closest to you.
  • Once there, deposit to Bet9ja with FCMB cheque/funds transfer form (no cash deposit available).
  • Write out the following details on the deposit slip:

Account Name: Bet9ja

Account number: Your Bet9ja UserID

Depositor’s name: Your name

Amount: The amount you wish to deposit

Cheque No.: Input your FCMB cheque number if paying with cheque.

How to Fund Bet9ja Account with FCMB USSD Code

  • Fill in your FCMB cheque/funds transfer form in favour of Bet9ja.
  • Once done, go ahead and present the deposit slip and your FCMB funds/cheque transfer form containing Bet9ja details to the cashier and request that the payment be made via E-wallet/SlipFree.
  • A receipt will be given to you upon completion of the transaction. You should keep this for reference purposes.

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