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What is DNB in Bet9ja?

DNB means “Draw No Bet.” The odds offer on this market are low, but reasonable. Odds calculated to hold profit from the stake you bet on X for cover. In a match with odds 2.40 – 4.00 – 2.40, “Draw No Bet” odds would be like 1.80 – Stake returned – 1.80.

When to use DNB

When you want to stake on an outsider. In this way, the value is still there.

Where you think the draw is quite possible. In this way, you will reduce the risk of losing.

If you believe to a big favourite and the favourite is losing in-play.

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What is DNB in Bet9ja

Draw No Bet Alternatives

If your bookmaker isn’t offering that type of bet, you can bet on alternative ways.

  1. Betting on draw

Play the amount you want at home or away win. Then, an extra bet on the draw of the same amount divided by the draw odds.


Available amount: #13,000

Match Odds: 1 (8.00) X (4.00) 2 (1.30)

Your guess: 1X

Divide your amount (#13,000)) with the odds for the draw (4.00) (25: 4.00 = 6,25 EUR).

So, you should bet #3,000 on X and the rest (#10,000) on 1.

In case of a draw, you’re getting back all stakes (#13,000). Same as would happen with “Draw No Bet”. If the result is 1, you’ll get 18,75 x 8.00 = #77,000.

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  1. Asian Handicap 0

0 Asian handicap is another alternative way to place a DNB bet if it isn’t available. Select an Asian Handicap (AH 0) bet οn the team you think has the best chances to win.

Betting on Draw No Bet market against Calculating your own odds

After calculating your own Draw No Bet odds, you will know whether or not it’s more favourable to calculate your own or bet directly on the Draw No Bet market.

This example shows a 6.5% increase in profit by calculating your own odds from 1X2 markets compared to the Draw No Bet on offer.

As betting is all about taking value, for our example you would definitely create your own Draw No Bet odds from the 1X2 market as you would make more money.

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