What is over 0.5 in Bet9ja? FIND OUT

What is over 0.5 in Bet9ja?

This selection means that you bet on at least one goal being scored in the game. You win the bet if at least one team scores a goal, no matter which one is it. It could be 1:0 or 0:1, but if the match ends 0:0, you lose the bet.

Before you start your Bet9ja prediction, you should learn all these codes and understand them, so you will never have an awkward situation of placing completely wrong bets and lose your money.

Let this article be your guide and helper in Bet9ja prediction codes!

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List of some Prediction Codes and Meaning

1 – Choosing this code means that you want to place a bet on the home team, which means the team that is listed first. For example, if you are placing a bet on the game “Barcelona – Real Madrid”, it means that Barcelona is a home team, and if you bet on 1, you will bet on this team to win.

2 – If you choose this code, it means that your bet is going to be placed on the away team, as opposed to the previous code. This team is listed second. Again, according to our former example, in the game “Barcelona – Real Madrid” the away team is Real Madrid, so if you want to bet on their victory, choose 2.

X – This selection means that you are betting on the draw between two teams.

1XDC – This term is also connected to the ones we listed above. When you choose 1XDC, you bet on either the victory of a home team or a draw. This means that no matter if the home team wins (1) or draws (X), you will win your bet.

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You will only lose in case the away team wins (2). This code is also known as Double Chance (which DC stands for). You have probably seen this code on other websites, written as just 1X. However, Bet9ja uses the 1XDC term.

What is over 0.5 in Bet9ja

X2DC – Based on the previous code, you have probably already guessed what this means. X2DC is chosen when you think that the away team wins (2) or the teams will draw (X). In both cases, you will win, and the home team winning will result in the loss.

This code, like the previous one, is also called Double Chance – this time for the away team.

12DC – This is a term similar to 1XDC and X2DC. It means that you place your bet on the victory of a home team or an away team, without the possibility of the draw.

This means that if either of the teams wins the game, you will win money, but if the game ends up in a draw, you will lose. This is another code from the Double Chance group, for both teams. If you see this code on other prediction websites, it will probably be written as 12.

Before playing this group of predictions, you have to make sure that you know which team is home and which is away, so you will not bet on the wrong team accidentally.

Usually, when you bet on the stronger team, you have a bigger chance of winning, but will get less money if you win.

Those who bet on a weaker team have a smaller chance of winning, but if the team succeeds, their win can be very large.



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